The Church of the Village

New York, NY

The Church of the Village is a dynamic, diverse community, and full of Spirit. As a reconciling congregation within the United Methodist Church, we are committed to being "radically inclusive."Here we celebrate being God’s children in all our diversity. We celebrate in all our goodness, sinfulness, colors, ages, economic statuses, levels of ability, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, heights, weights, styles of dress, and spiritual journeys.Our MissionTo share our faith in Christ, to reach out with compassion and understanding to all God's children, to carry out God's will in transforming our community and the world and to build a deeper relationship with God through prayer, worship, study, and action.Guiding PrinciplesWe consider ourselves a Progressive, Reconciling Church, defined by these principles:We are not bound by tradition in the way we worship and show our gratitude to GodWe not only accept, but celebrate, human diversity, being radically inclusive in welcoming people of every color, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and economic statusWe believe in social justice and support advocacy for the poor and any who are oppressedWe strongly support environmental stewardship of the EarthWe maintain a deep belief in the instruction to "love one another," made clear in the teachings of Jesus ChristWe are also accepting of the fact that many roads lead to God, so we are respectful of all spiritual pathsWe live out these beliefs with spiritual vitality, believing that our church flourishes with many points of view, opportunities for creative expression, and lively, participatory worship servicesWe are open-minded, to be sure, but we also strive to be open-hearted, and be a true haven of acceptance for those who find their way through our open doors.


The MAP Foundation, Inc.

Lexington, KY

Woodhill is one of Lexington’s most diverse and economically disadvantaged populations. Most of Woodhill’s elementary age students attend Breckinridge Elementary where almost 80% of its students receive free or reduced lunches. Housing conditions and employment opportunities are ailing. Criminal activity and drug abuse are traps for neighborhood youth. Additionally, this area is home to an increasing refugee and immigrant population. There is a great need of strong programming and mentorship for the children, youth and families in the Woodhill neighborhood.Our mission is to give the kids of Woodhill a place they can call their own, find hope, feel welcome and safe, and realize their potential to grow, succeed, and lead.


MAP International

Brunswick, GA

Our MissionMAP International is a Christian organization providing life-changing medicines and health supplies to people in need. MAP serves all people, regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality or ethnic background.What We DoWe provide medicines and health supplies to those in need around the world so they might experience life to the fullest. In times of disaster, MAP International provides immediate humanitarian assistance and relief aid including medicines and health supplies to people left homeless and without access to basic services. From the earliest days of a response, MAP focuses on helping communities restore critical services and work with partners to help them rebuild health systems. MAP International has provided more than $6 billion in medicines and health supplies to communities in need since its inception in 1954. MAP is recognized for its stewardship by charity watchdogs, each year achieving the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator, CNBC, ECFA and Forbes magazine.We Are Financially AccountableMAP is recognized for its efficiency by charity watchdogs each year achieving the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator, CNBC, ECFA, and Forbes magazine. Because of MAP's effective use of donated goods, for every dollar donated, $60 in medicines and medical supplies is shipped to those in need. ...


The Family Church of Carmel

Indianapolis, IN

Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.Just as Jesus said in the Beatitudes, blessed are the poor and the hungry. Our mission is not just to love one another, but to make sure we spread the love of the Gospels everywhere.
We are an Apostolic Pentecostal community located in Indiana. It's our mission to help others explore their relationship with God and improve the meaningful relationships in their own family life. Support the good work our church body is doing in the lives of each other and in our community. At The Family Church, "family" is not just a word, it's a way of life....


Watson One More

Tempe, AZ

“Since its inception our desire has been for One More to be a vehicle to carry the hope and love of Christ to those in our community who need it most, while understanding that the best and most efficient way to reach people’s hearts is by first meeting their physical needs. Our mission is to simply be a blessing to those around us wherever we are, whether that’s supporting existing charities or initiating programs of our own. We are excited about your potential partnership in the endeavor and are sincerely grateful for your support as we accept God’s call to continually reach One More.” -Benjamin and Kirsten WatsonOne More is devoted to spreading the love and hope of Christ to One More soul by meeting real needs, promoting education and providing enrichment opportunities through charitable initiatives and partnerships.The Foundation serves as an extension of Kirsten and Benjamin as they reach out to the community with faith in God as their foundation. It also allows them to support and partner with those who share their desire to make a positive difference in the world.“We know the importance of having a strong faith in God, in yourself, and in your talents. Moreover, we have been called to give back what we have been blessed with to those who are in need. Even while dating at the University of Georgia we routinely participated in community service; we knew in our hearts the importance of service, giving, and building relationships. These values were instilled in us from an early age and are the same values we will instill in our kids to hopefully become part of our legacy.” - Benjamin and Kirsten WatsonWatch this video to learn more about who we help and why we help.


The Cathedral Church of St. Mark

Minneapolis, MN

We are a welcoming faith community called by God to peace and reconciliation through inspiring worship, spiritual growth, passionate hospitality, and service to others in the love of Jesus Christ. In keeping with the historic Anglican recognition of the authority of scripture, tradition, and reason, we welcome and respect diverse views, independent thinking, and thoughtful discussion as essential to how we come to know and serve God together.Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral has been fortunate to be located in a vibrant, constantly changing urban neighborhood. The needs of our neighbors are obvious, and there has always been a desire to serve in Christ’s name. Our serving ministries provide an opportunity for our members to grow in compassion and to make our world a better place for all.Our NeighborhoodSaint Mark’s Cathedral is located on the southwestern edge of Loring Park, a unique and diverse community. “The Park,” as it is known, is the largest in central Minneapolis and is situated on the southwest corner of downtown.Popular community arts facilities, distinctive restaurants, coffee shops and apartment buildings surround the 34-acre park. Recent construction has brought many new town homes, condominiums and apartments to the area.Loring Park is locally known for its diverse social mix and is a center for many arts and cultural events. One of the most dominant psychographic profiles reflecting the characteristics of this remarkable neighborhood is titled “Bohemian Mix” (source: Nielsen Research). This population segment is defined as:“A collection of mobile urbanites and represents the nation’s most liberal lifestyles. Its residents are an ethnically diverse, progressive mix of young singles, couples, and families ranging from students to professionals. They are early adopters who are quick to check out the latest movie, nightclub, laptop, and microbrew.”The population within a .5-mile radius of Saint Mark’s is approximately 3600 and approximately 28,105 people within a 2-mile radius. In addition, Loring Park is known as a central “space” for the LGBT community, for which Saint Mark’s has been an active advocate.It is felt that the people living in this neighborhood reflect the “unchurched” (never affiliated with an organized faith), the “de-churched” (those who left an organized faith) and “seekers” (those who are seeking a faith experience). In addition, it is apparent that this neighborhood is searching for a different sort of spiritual experience and that efforts to “reach out” will result in the building of a faith community within the neighborhood that is rooted in the core needs of the people who call Loring Park home.The Cathedral has been an active participant and supporter of “Pride Weekend” (re LGBT community focus), expanded the “blessing of the animals” into the surrounding apartments and toured three local facilities to sing Christmas carols. These efforts, were successful, and an expanded effort is planned for 2015.


Saint John's Cathedral

Denver, CO

Saint John’s Cathedral is a progressive Christian community in the Anglican Catholic tradition. Our mission is "to know Christ and to make Christ known" in worship, formation, community, and service. We welcome all into a deeper spirituality and relationship with God in our rich Anglican tradition. Following the ancient custom of cathedrals, Saint John’s strives to provide leadership and resources to our city and to the wider Church. Our foundation is the Christian faith as the Episcopal Church has received it, and we live in the creative life that is built on the relationship between the Scriptures, tradition, and reason. We are a diverse, energetic congregation, with members of all ages who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and strive to be an inclusive parish centered on a common faith. In addition to a strong Sunday program of worship and formation, our community gathers on Wednesday evenings for Cathedral Nite for a sung Eucharist, dinner, formation groups, and ending with Compline and Benediction by candlelight. Wherever you are in your journey of faith, there is a place for you at Saint John's Cathedral. If you would like to spend some quiet time with God, we welcome you. If you want to dive right into the life of a busy church, we can help you find ways to connect with other people and deepen your faith.Vision StatementSaint John's Cathedral is a vibrant, growing, diverse spiritual community, a house of prayer and worship for all, where seekers are nurtured and transformed by God's love and led to reach out in service to others.Core open our doors to all and invite others to join in our Eucharistic community as living witnesses to the good news of God in put our faith into action by ministering to the needs of the sick, the bereaved, the poor, the homeless, and those most in need in our celebrate our love of God joyously in worship, music, and art in the Anglican be a community where children, youth, and adults know each other by name and are supported through education, fellowship, and pastoral be faithful stewards of our Cathedral both now and for generations to come through gifts of our time and honor the dignity of all persons and embrace diversity as essential to the body of Christ. seek common ground with each other and with those of other faiths and work toward a society of justice where God's love is reflected in the healing and restoring of relationships....


Orphan's Lifeline International

Kalispell, MT

There are a staggering 143 million orphan children worldwide. Many remain uncounted, living in the streets and sewer systems. They are subjected to human trafficking, prostitution, child labor, terrorism and worse. Many of these children will die of starvation, malnutrition, preventable illness and acts of violence. They are abandoned, rejected and forgotten. They are children. You can make a difference...Join us as we bring hope to the orphans of the world by providing food, shelter, medical care, academic education, spiritual growth and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependence and promotes individual and societal productivity as well as charitable character within the community. For 17 years we have been transforming "orphanages" and "institutions" into thriving Children's Homes through our unique Whole Home Care approach and monthly reporting accountability. Each children's home is approved through our extensive application process and agrees to the terms of our support and guidance, which includes providing detailed profiles on each child in the home, monthly budgets, monthly photos, monthly program reports and proof of purchases. Each home is spot checked by our in country Child Care Coordinators or Program Liaisons. And we do not stop there. Each child who ages out of the home has a developed plan according to his/her interests and abilities for higher education, skill training or gainful employment. Yes, we DO break the cycle. Be A Lifeline of Hope to an Orphaned Child! Haiti-India-Kenya-Liberia-Mexico-Pakistan-Philippines-Russia-UgandaTo learn more about our programs visit us at


Brand New Day Outreach Ministries

Rossville, GA

We operate under the vision that people deserve the chance to better themselves with the help of the resources we have to offer. We have adopted the motto: "Excellence Is A Choice, Faith Is A Virtue".


Vanderkamp Center

Cleveland, NY

Vanderkamp Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization. This 850 acre historic facility includes a private 45 acre lake surrounded by forests, fields, and meadows. For more than 50 years, Vanderkamp has provided a variety of annual Christian summer kamp programs and retreats that have attracted youth from the Central New York area, throughout the state, and across the nation. Our lodges and rustic cabins are routinely rented by area churches for retreats, families for reunions, or other community groups for a wide variety of events. Vanderkamp’s trail system is open free to the public year round for hiking, biking, snow shoeing or cross-country skiing. The public is welcome to fish and ice fish on Vanderkamp Lake when summer kamps are not in session. Vanderkamp rents seasonal recreational equipment for day use on our property.Our MissionWe seek to serve God by providing facilities and opportunities for people to relate to God, renew their faith, and respond in service.We Strive For Radical Inclusion Sustainable Stewardship Empowerment Ministry


Society of the Divine Savior-The Salvatorians

Milwaukee, WI

Salvatorian priests, brothers and deacons are members of the Society of the Divine Savior, a Catholic religious community. We minister collaboratively with the Salvatorian sisters and laity in the United States and in thirty other countries around the world. Founded in Rome in the 1880's, Salvatorians minister as chaplains, teachers, pastors, caregivers, secretaries, social workers, foreign missionaries, artists, volunteers, nurses, pastoral ministers, retreat directors -- wherever there is a need.Our priests and brothers carry the Word of God all over the globe, ministering wherever there is a need: Parishes and schools Hospitals Nursing homes Prisons Communities under duress MISSIONThe Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) proclaims and teaches by all ways and means the goodness and kindness of Jesus the Savior.VISIONSalvatorians seek to become apostles for our times in order to make the Savior known to all people.SHARED VALUESPrayer We are vowed men of prayer, the center of which is the Eucharist.Providence We trust in God, discerning and responding to the signs of the times.Apostolate We are called to be apostles for the renewal of the Church and the world, and we invite others to discover and respond to their call to be apostles.Justice We advocate for justice and peace, standing with the poor and marginalized.Community We support one another through mutual love and service.Collaboration We are servant-leaders, involving others in our mission.Universality We include as members of the Society people from every nation, and we are open to serve the people of any nation.Simplicity We live a simple lifestyle, becoming one with those we serve, especially the poor. Celebration We rejoice in the fullness of life....


Walking In The Promises

Temecula, CA

Walking In The Promises is a ministry of God’s grace expressed through the unfolding of His word to all men. We are dependent on the financial support of God’s people to fulfill our ministry.The founder of Walking In The Promises, Marcelo Tolopilo, has written an important book to nurture wholeness in the Christian family. We are excited to present: Discipleship: God’s Plan for Parenting. To order the book visit Chart & Compass Press . To otherwise support our ministry we encourage you to explore our Sponsor a Pastor initiative or P.A.C.T. - Bringing Parents and Children Together.“He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers...”"so as to make ready a people prepared for the Lord” (Malachi 4:6; Luke 1:17).”...