My Life My Power

Walnut, CA

My Life My Power (MLMP) is a national 501(c)3 non-profit, that was founded in 2010 by undefeated Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and WWE’s Tough Enough Champion, Daniel Puder. While Daniel is a now a pro athlete, things were quite different for him when he was growing up. He struggled with being overweight and was also in Special Education classes throughout the majority of his schooling, which caused him to be an easy target of bullying. When he began to hear of the kids who were committing suicide from being bullied, he felt a personal connection to the issue and knew that something needed to be done to change the mindset of our youth! Rather than simply saying a few public words about this issue, Daniel was compelled to create a program that provided long term solutions and could be implemented in schools and after-school programs!Our Mission To inspire and empower youth through transformational mentoring while adding value within our communities. Our Vision For everyone to have passion for their life's purpose. The CurriculumMy Life My Power has attracted both national and worldwide attention as an innovative evidence-based curriculum with a highly effective youth diversion and mentoring program. In addition to our youth curriculum, we provide flexible and solution based trainings for adults to become mentors to youth in order to create a significant and purpose driven society. Trained mentors are then able to facilitate the MLMP curriculum, which is founded upon utilizing positive psychology and motivational interviewing.Evidence-BasedThe MLMP Program has received scientific support from Nova Southeastern University based on the strength of our systematic evaluations that measure the effect on youth outcomes. The evaluation of the MLMP program utilizes a pre-assessment and post-assessment within-subjects design, capable of addressing the range of outcome data. Overall, our findings have shown an increase in self-esteem, and purpose in life, and a decrease of aggression, and victimization.


The MAP Foundation, Inc.

Lexington, KY

Woodhill is one of Lexington’s most diverse and economically disadvantaged populations. Most of Woodhill’s elementary age students attend Breckinridge Elementary where almost 80% of its students receive free or reduced lunches. Housing conditions and employment opportunities are ailing. Criminal activity and drug abuse are traps for neighborhood youth. Additionally, this area is home to an increasing refugee and immigrant population. There is a great need of strong programming and mentorship for the children, youth and families in the Woodhill neighborhood.Our mission is to give the kids of Woodhill a place they can call their own, find hope, feel welcome and safe, and realize their potential to grow, succeed, and lead.



Seattle, WA

Free2Luv® is an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to rockin’ individuality, celebrating equality, spreading kindness and standing up to bullying through arts and entertainment. We empower, engage & enlighten youth to be their true, authentic selves and know that they are perfect just the way they are.We team up with Celebrity Ambassadors, Youth Advocates and corporations who believe LUV is STRONGER than hate and BRAVER than bullying.We hold hands with our partners to:Support and produce community outreach eventsHost empowerment workshops utilizing the artsCreate thought-provoking awareness campaignsCreate inspirational merchandise designed to create change...


The Trevor Project

West Hollywood, CA

Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading and only accredited national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people under the age of 25.The Trevor Project offers a suite of crisis intervention and suicide prevention programs, including TrevorLifeline, TrevorText, and TrevorChat as well as a peer-to-peer social network support for LGBTQ young people under the age of 25, TrevorSpace. Trevor also offers an education program with resources for youth-serving adults and organizations, a legislative advocacy department fighting for pro-LGBTQ legislation and against anti-LGBTQ rhetoric/policy positions, and conducts research to discover the most effective means to help young LGBTQ people in crisis and end suicide.Every day, The Trevor Project saves young lives through its accredited, free and confidential phone, instant message and text messaging crisis intervention services. A leader and innovator in suicide prevention, The Trevor Project offers the largest safe social networking community for LGBTQ youth, best practice suicide prevention educational trainings, resources for youth and adults, and advocacy initiatives....


The Infinite Foundation Inc.

Lawndale, CA

The Infinite Foundation, Inc. (TIF) was ultimately founded to provide the community with an opportunity to informally network from every discipline within the public and private sectors, to share up-to-date social, economic and cultural information, and to foster humanitarian services to the homeless and needy. Today, our work spans the following program areas: HealthcareWellness and human servicesMedical missionArt, Culture, and FestivalsYouth leadership and skills developmentAmateur sports development Educational support programs We aim to be a leading supporter of efforts to promote policies for better living, respect for the rule of law, human services of minorities, orphanages, the homeless, and the underserved.
 We believe the quintessential attributes and experience of our dynamic team can play a positive role in an inter-relational dialogue and harmonious co-existence in Nigeria, Africa and around the world rather than the hypersegregation and clash of racial and ethnicity. We seek to create dialogue that breaks out of the dualities of anti- and pro- ethnic forces, of the right vs. the left, of secularism vs. religion, of science vs. spirituality, of economic growth vs. ecological preservation. Helping each ethnicity find its own voice in this dialogue is a key part of our mission.


Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

We inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us the most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.Our Vision To reach more than 5,000 youth by 2016Expand to help additional communities and serve more children Maintain a strong focus on education & prevention programs Continue to emphasize & encourage parental involvement and family support Show effective program outcome measures for our children/familiesWhat We Do
Since 2007, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore (BGCMB) has been serving at risk children and families of Baltimore. BGCMB annually serves over 4,200 children & youth ages 6 to 18, who live in some of Baltimore’s most severely distressed communities. Close to 600 youth pass through the doors of Club sites each day!BGCMB works to create opportunities for children & youth to get involved in the community and to reach their full potential. BGCMB members have the chance to participate in unique experiences like when 25 of our members got the opportunity to meet the First Lady, Michelle Obama on July 21, 2010 at Camden Yards.


Children International

Kansas City, MO

Our ONE goal? Break the cycle of poverty. Children International (CI) gives kids a safe place, an encouraging team and a path out of poverty. We have a bold vision: graduating healthy, educated, empowered and employed young adults from our program so they can achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Period.How We Make A DifferenceWe have a simple, proven approach that is making a difference. Kids in our program have access to:1. A safe PLACE: 70+ community centers located where our sponsored kids live - clean, uplifting spaces such as clinics, libraries, computer labs, tutoring areas, meeting spaces and playgrounds.2. A caring TEAM that inspires, encourages and supports our sponsored children: local doctors, dentists, coaches and staff, plus about 9,000 volunteers worldwide!3. A clear PATH out of poverty that focuses on health, education, empowerment and employment through country-relevant and age-specific programs and services. Staying on the path from toddlerhood to young adulthood equips our kids with crucial life and job skills to break the cycle of poverty. For good.Walk into one of our 70+ community centers around the world, and you will see kids playing, reading, getting medical and dental check-ups and receiving life-changing help. But something even bigger happens, too. For many kids and families, our community centers offer a place of dignity and hope. And you can make a long-term impact on their lives by helping build a community center in much-needed areas. Check out our on-going and newly completed community center projects on our Cause pages. Your help = incredible impactOutside our community centers, life is very different for our children and youth. That's why your support means so much – and provides a safe, dignifying place for kids and their families.SMART GIVING: Children International is a top-rated, BBB-accredited charity and named one of the top humanitarian organizations in the U.S. by Consumers Digest. We're proud that 84% of our total expenses in 2015 went directly to the programs and activities that help sponsored children, and we're proud of the high standards we met in achieving that number. At CI, your money goes a long way to make a huge change in kids' lives....


Morgan Moses Foundation

Reston, VA

The Morgan Moses Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in October 2015 by Morgan Moses of the Washington Redskins. The purpose of this foundation is to motivate children through educational activities. Morgan has made it his life’s mission to encourage all, and show how education can be a driving force for success.The Morgan Moses Foundation seeks to motivate children in the Central/Northern VA and DC metropolitan areas through a number of educational efforts. We seek to engage children in fun and interactive educational activities that promote mental development, motivation and instill winning attitudes.OUR MISSION & CORE VALUESTo EncourageTo encourage a healthy lifestyle through nutritional awareness, physical fitness, mental development, motivation, winning attitudes and character building.To MotivateTo motivate, equip and prepare today’s youth and young adults with the tools needed for success and meeting and handling the opportunities and challenges in life.To Sponsor To sponsor scholarships, fellowships, activities and events which shall provide educational, athletic, recreational and social benefits to youth and young adults.To Implement To implement real life stories into learning experiences that will show how detrimental the affect of poor decision-making and inappropriate associations can be.To CreateTo create a sense of self-empowerment in youth’s and young adults’ minds of wanting to become self-sufficient.And, to create an environment for youth and young adults that help them develop a sense of identity, belonging and family."Despite all the adversity and set-backs I’ve experienced throughout my life, I’ve always remained positive. This type of attitude has allowed me to succeed even when the odds were against me. I never allowed negativity to influence my mindset, I studied, I worked hard and I always found a way to overcome the bumps in the road. Now that I’ve grasped my Dream or quote-on-quote “MADE IT”. I’ve made it my life’s mission to “Motivate Others through Education”! To let children know that anything is possible as long as you believe, remain persistent, educate yourself, and never ever give up. No matter what, keep striving for greatness!"-Morgan Moses...


World Academy of Art and Science

Napa, CA

"Leadership in thought that leads to action." The World Academy of Art and Science is an international think tank incorporated in Napa, California as a non-profit (501c3) organization. Founded in 1960 on the inspiration of eminent intellectuals such as Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell and concerned by the impact of the explosive growth of knowledge, its activities seek to address global issues related to the social consequences and policy implications of knowledge. WAAS consists of 730 individual Fellows from more than 80 nations, diverse cultures and intellectual disciplines, chosen for eminence in art, natural and social sciences, humanities, and public service. Members are supported by a global network of 7 centers and 13 partner institutions. The Academy serves as a forum to discuss the vital problems of humankind independent of political boundaries or limits, whether spiritual or physical -- a forum where these problems can be discussed objectively, scientifically, globally, and free from vested interests or regional attachments, to arrive at solutions that affirm universal human rights and serve the interests of all humanity. Our mission is to promote cross-disciplinary dialogue generative of original ideas and integrated perspectives that comprehend the root causes and effective remedies for our common problems, while furthering those currents of thought and social movement that affirm the value of human dignity and equitable development.The Academy dedicates itself to the pursuit of creative, catalytic ideas that can provide to present and future generations enlightened leadership in thought that leads to effective action. Major activities of the Academy include projects to promote: • Human-centered Sustainable Economy • Full-employment • Nuclear Disarmament • Original thinking and creativity • Education for the 21st Century • Individuality & Leadership • New Paradigm for Peace, Human Security and Global Development • Transdisciplinary science of society The spirit of the Academy can be expressed in the words of, Albert Einstein, who was one of its founders: "The creations of our mind shall be a blessing and not a curse to mankind." Its Fellows share the ambition "to rediscover the language of mutual understanding," surmounting differences in tradition, language, and social structure which, unless fused by creative imagination and continuous effort, dissolve the latent human commonwealth in contention and conflict.


Step Up and Daniel's Places

Santa Monica, CA

Our Mission Step Up delivers compassionate support to people experiencing serious mental illness to help them recover, stabilize, and integrate into the community. Through dynamic partnerships, we provide positive social and learning environments, vocational training, permanent supportive housing opportunities, and recovery services to empower individuals to cultivate lives of hope and dignity. We exercise innovative leadership and advocacy to increase public understanding, support and acceptance of all people living with mental illness.Our Vision Step Up envisions that all individuals, families, and communities affected by mental illness will have the opportunity to experience recovery and a sense of belonging, and that permanent supportive housing will be available to everyone who needs it.Cover Photos by Nadia TysonWatch our 2016 Year in Review!



Detroit, MI

JOURNi is an organization dedicated to equipping urban communities with the skills and resources necessary to jumpstart their local economies. We strive to build an authentically inclusive tech ecosystem in the city of Detroit, by tapping into the heart and spirit of its residents. To achieve this goal, we will provide immersive courses, youth-centered programming, beneficial employment opportunities, start up education, and socioeconomic resources. MissionOur mission is to empower individuals from underserved, urban communities by providing them with the tech education needed to compete and thrive in the local ecosystem.VisionOur vision is to build an authentically inclusive tech ecosystem in the city of Detroit, by tapping into the heart and spirit of its residents. To achieve this goal, we will provide educational access to immersive courses and youth-centered programming, beneficial employment opportunities, start-up education, and socioeconomic resources within marginalized communities. ValuesAuthenticityFearlessnessIntegrityOur WorkWe provide comprehensive educational opportunities that give students the skills, portfolios, work experience, and confidence needed to be competitive and eligible for the growing number of positions in the tech industry, and start their own businesses. We are excited to offer our suite of programs to Detroiters - especially during this time of explosive growth in the city's tech sector....


Rainforest Action Network

San Francisco, CA

Rainforest Action Network runs hard-hitting campaigns to break North America’s fossil fuels addiction, protect endangered forests and Indigenous rights, and stop destructive investments around the world through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action.RAN fights for people and planet by working at the intersection of three core issues:Preserving RainforestsProtecting the ClimateDefending Human RightsAnd, unlike any other organization, RAN does this through the lens of corporate accountability. So what does that mean?That means RAN tackles some of the biggest corporations, banks, and global institutions on the planet. Traditionally, RAN works closely with local leaders to launch strategic corporate campaigns employing tactics such as high-profile, direct communication and public awareness campaigns; peaceful direct actions against our targets; coordinated media and social media campaigns; highly researched and detailed reports; grassroots organizing; and high-level negotiations — and relentless follow-up to make sure promises are kept.RAN takes on these campaigns not to change the behavior of individual companies, but to change the practices and business culture of whole industrial sectors.And we get results.Since 1985, RAN has been one of the most effective and innovative activist organizations in the United States. We partner with local, indigenous and frontline communities to create smart campaigns that exert pressure and extract actionable policies from corporate culprits responsible for rainforest destruction, massive pollution, and pushing species toward extinction. And RAN demands that human rights, labor rights, and local and indigenous rights are fundamental to any new corporate policies.But we cannot do any of this without our supporters. We depend on people like you all across the globe to preserve rainforests, protect the climate and defend human rights today.Watch 30 Years of Rainforest Action Network to learn more about what we do and why we do it. ...


Louisiana Environmental Action Network

Baton Rouge, LA

The Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) is a community based not-for-profit organization that has been working since 1986 to resolve the unique environmental struggles present in Louisiana.Our MissionTo foster cooperation and communication between individual citizens and corporate and government organizations in an effort to assess and mend the environmental problems in Louisiana.What We DoAt the core of LEAN’s work is the assistance we provide communities in dealing with their environmental challenges. LEAN has assisted communities with concerns involving environmental and health related impacts from air pollution, hazardous waste, water pollution, landfills, injection wells, municipal water treatment facilities, private water systems, paper mills, industrial incinerators, natural disasters and industrial accidents, to name a few. Our Services assessing, documenting, and monitoring environmental concernseducating individuals, communities, organizations, businesses and elected officials about environmental challenges in Louisianaorganizational support and leadership development for communities organizing around a local environmental issuetechnical support to individuals and communities working to resolve an environmental concern. Examples of technical support include: permit review, drafting public comments, analysis of environmental data, chemical sampling (air, water, soil, biota), multi-media production of educational resources specific to Louisiana’s environmental challenges, promoting public participation in government processes related to environmental decision making, facilitating dialogue and conflict resolution between communities, private industry and government agencies, and outreach and advocacy with local, national and international media outlets.“LEAN is one of the oldest and most effective and successful state wide citizen’s environmental and social justice organizations in the United States. Since 1985 LEAN has helped hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals across Louisiana and all but a small number have been very successful in dealing with or solving their issues and problems.”– William Fontenot


Step Up For Students

Jacksonville, FL

Step Up For Students helps public education fulfill the promise of equal opportunity by empowering parents to pursue and engage in the best learning options for their children. A state-approved nonprofit scholarship funding organization, Step Up For Students, helps administer two scholarships for Florida schoolchildren. The first, the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC), funded by tax-credited corporate contributions, offers K-12 students of lower-income families a choice between two options: financial assistance with private school tuition and fees or with transportation costs to attend a public school in another district. Since its creation in 2001, more than 480,000 Florida Tax Credit Scholarships have been awarded through the 2015-16 school year. With this scholarship, lower-income families are empowered to choose the best learning environment for their children. The second, the Gardiner Scholarship Program, is a state-funded scholarship that helps families personalize the education of their children, ages 3-22, with certain special needs. Students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, Prader-Willi syndrome, spina bifida, Williams syndrome, Phelan-McDermid syndrome, an intellectual disability or students ages 3-, 4-, or 5-years old deemed “high risk” may be eligible. With the scholarship, parents may direct funds toward a variety of approved programs and providers including private school, home school, curriculum, assistive technology—even a collage savings account. More than 6,200 Gardiner Scholarships have been funded since its creation in 2014 and the 2015-16 school year. The scholarships are a great start, but there’s much more that needs to be done. Step Up For Students’ Innovation Fund maximizes the impact of the scholarships by creating education-based innovations and helping enrich existing resources for our students and their families. With your help, we can ensure all children reach their maximum potential.


Children's Defense Fund

Washington, DC

The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) was established in 1973 and continues to serve as the leading independent voice for all children in America focusing on the essential needs of every child, especially those most at risk due to poverty and inequality. CDF advocates for the best interest of children through rigorous research, public education, youth leadership development, and community-based programs every day nationally and locally in 29 states across the country. CDF advances its mission by providing scholarships, college preparation, and ongoing support to high school sophomores through their college years, particularly those who have overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives. CDF’s Freedom Schools™ reaches over 12,000 children and trains over 1,500 college-age emerging leaders annually with a focus on reading enrichment, self-esteem and empowerment, and motivation to make a positive difference in their communities. CDF conducts rigorous research and publishes reports each year to guide government officials and policy leaders toward practices that will make a meaningful and lasting positive impact in the lives of each child. National campaigns led by CDF include The Cradle to Prison Pipeline™, Protect Children Not Guns™ and Be Careful What You Cut™. Founded by Marian Wright Edelman, the first Black woman admitted to the Mississippi Bar, the Children’s Defense Fund maintains its independent, bipartisan voice to hold policymakers accountable and to deliver local, community-based initiatives that make a lasting difference in the lives of children. ...


Orphan's Lifeline International

Kalispell, MT

There are a staggering 143 million orphan children worldwide. Many remain uncounted, living in the streets and sewer systems. They are subjected to human trafficking, prostitution, child labor, terrorism and worse. Many of these children will die of starvation, malnutrition, preventable illness and acts of violence. They are abandoned, rejected and forgotten. They are children. You can make a difference...Join us as we bring hope to the orphans of the world by providing food, shelter, medical care, academic education, spiritual growth and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependence and promotes individual and societal productivity as well as charitable character within the community. For 17 years we have been transforming "orphanages" and "institutions" into thriving Children's Homes through our unique Whole Home Care approach and monthly reporting accountability. Each children's home is approved through our extensive application process and agrees to the terms of our support and guidance, which includes providing detailed profiles on each child in the home, monthly budgets, monthly photos, monthly program reports and proof of purchases. Each home is spot checked by our in country Child Care Coordinators or Program Liaisons. And we do not stop there. Each child who ages out of the home has a developed plan according to his/her interests and abilities for higher education, skill training or gainful employment. Yes, we DO break the cycle. Be A Lifeline of Hope to an Orphaned Child! Haiti-India-Kenya-Liberia-Mexico-Pakistan-Philippines-Russia-UgandaTo learn more about our programs visit us at


Brand New Day Outreach Ministries

Rossville, GA

We operate under the vision that people deserve the chance to better themselves with the help of the resources we have to offer. We have adopted the motto: "Excellence Is A Choice, Faith Is A Virtue".


16Ways Foundation

Macomb, MI

It is not about us; it is about them… OUR youth, OUR future! Our Mission:Provide encouragement to youth to help them achieve their highest academic and social potential. Objectives:Build Self-Esteem & Social-Awareness - Provide resources needed for youth to reach their highest personal potential and to achieve their goalsEngage Mentors - Provide positive role modelsLeadership: Stress the importance and provide opportunities for youth to be leaders among their peersHealthy Lifestyles - Stress the importance of incorporating physical fitness in order to maintain a fit body and mindPartnering - Partner with organizations with similar goals and objectives to cross promote the foundation’s effortsPromote Volunteerism & Community - Demonstrate the importance of giving one’s time and energy to worthwhile initiativesProvide Education Development - Demonstrate the importance of academia through literacy programsFundraising - Continue to seek opportunities to fund ongoing programsJoin Wesley Woodyard in helping youth achieve their dreams. Donate to one of our causes today!


Neuromuscular Disease Support Organization

Havelock, NC

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those with a neuromuscular disease by providing services and support and to establish a state of the art, warm and welcoming, age-appropriate facility that can be called home.Our vision is to ensure that no one with a neuromuscular disease ever feels as though they have to live alone or without access to a solid support system.We value passionate commitment, honesty, integrity, excellent service, and caring and compassionate support....


The Dream Builders Project

Los Angeles, CA

Since its beginning, The Dream Builders Project has had one goal in mind: to make a positive difference on the community and the world at large.As a “charity for charities,” The Dream Builders Project is not bound to any particular group or cause. This allows the DBP to join forces with many great and sometimes overlooked charities and nonprofits to make the most profound impact. Some of the main causes The DBP focuses on include homelessness, child abuse and neglect, education, fighting human trafficking, and improving living standards in orphanages across the world.The DBP is dedicated to making the biggest impact per dollar. By doing extensive research and having a vetting system in place, the DBP is able to ensure that all donations and volunteer efforts are spent in the most impactful and productive way possible. Once a genuine organization has been vetted, The DBP is able to provide services including:– financial support– campaign creation and execution– volunteer and administrative support– website marketing and public relations– special events and galasBy being a charity for charities, The Dream Builders Project does the leg work to make sure that your time, money, and energy is being spent in most productive and impactful way....


Special Needs Network

Los Angeles, CA

Special Needs Network’s mission is to raise public awareness of developmental disabilities and to impact public policy, while providing education and resources to families, children and adults. SNN serves as a link between under-served communities and mainstream developmental disability organizations and governmental institutions, which often fail to address issues specific to these communities. SNN firmly believes that dignity, hope and opportunity are the birthright of all children. Founded in 2005, Special Needs Network, Inc. (SNN) grew out of the struggles of Areva D. Martin, Esq. after her son Marty was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. After finding it incredibly difficult to access services for Marty, Ms. Martin became aware of the enormous challenges faced by families affected by developmental disabilities in underserved communities – in particular, the neighborhood of South Los Angeles. A Harvard-trained attorney, Ms. Martin used her entrepreneurial and legal skills, as well as her own experiences navigating the complex system of care, to create a parent-centered organization with a mission to help the communities in need through four resolutions: 1. Reduce the waiting period for families to have their children diagnosed;2. Bring education, resources, and services directly to the community;3. Provide unique learning opportunities for children and young adults with developmental disabilities; and4. Forge an action-based coalition of families empowered to self-advocate at all levels of government. These urgent resolutions were the seeds that blossomed into Special Needs Network and our long list of programs that today serve thousands of families in the Los Angeles area and throughout the state of California.


United South End Settlements

Boston, MA

Neighbors helping neighbors since 1891.Our mission is to build a strong community by improving the education, health, safety and economic security of low-income individuals and families in Boston’s historic South End/Lower Roxbury and to serve as a national model of successful neighborhood engagement.HistoryUnited South End Settlements offers our neighbors access to the skills they need to help live their best lives. Originally founded as the Andover House in 1891, United South End Settlements (USES) was the first settlement house in Boston and the fourth in the United States.The settlement house movement was initiated in England by educated, financially secure men and women who moved to struggling communities to work together with neighbors to solve social problems. Each year the organization serves over 3,000 individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and income-levels. USES focuses primarily on the South End/Lower Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, but many participants come from other parts of the city.Our programs include early childhood education, after school enrichment, youth arts programming, summer overnight camp, adult education and workforce readiness, and health, wellness, and home repair services for seniors.



Hawthorne, CA

BreastfeedLA is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of infants and families through education, outreach, and advocacy to promote and support breastfeeding.BreastfeedLA (formerly known as the Breastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles) formed in 1994 by a group of dedicated volunteers who wanted to make a difference in the breastfeeding rates in Los Angeles County. BreastfeedLA incorporated as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation in September of 2001.GOALS & OBJECTIVESFacilitate the acceptance of breastfeeding as the societal norm for infant feeding.Create a supportive public environment for breastfeeding and the use of human milk.- Conduct outreach and facilitate networking to broaden the base of active breastfeeding support.- Increase the incidence of positive breastfeeding messages in the media.- Work together towards systemic change by educating public officials, institutions and the community about policies and practices that promote, protect and support breastfeeding.- Educate both employers and employees about the benefits of supporting breastfeeding in the workplace, and how to create a breastfeeding-friendly work environment.Capacitate the healthcare system to effectively support exclusive breastfeeding and the provision of human milk to human babies.- Advance a breastfeeding-friendly model of health care delivery to effectively support exclusive breastfeeding and the provision of human milk to human babies.- Promote breastfeeding awareness and education for healthcare providers and administrators.- Highlight the cost-effectiveness of breastfeeding as a way to manage health care costs.Establish BreastfeedLA as a trusted source of breastfeeding information and resources.- Provide comprehensive web-based information and resources for lactation and other healthcare professionals and consumers.- Produce, maintain, and distribute a free print and web-based publication listing breastfeeding resources and information in Greater Los Angeles.- Provide educational programs tailored for professional, paraprofessional and lay audiences.- Foster the development of local expertise as well as facilitate learning opportunities from nationally renowned breastfeeding experts....


Global Greengrants Fund

Boulder, CO

Our mission is to mobilize on-the-ground resources to fight environmental degradation, promote sustainability, and support social justice around the world.Solutions for lasting change come from people who face challenges to their environments and rights every day. We support community-based projects that make our world safer, healthier, and more just. As the leading environmental fund that supports grassroots action on a global scale, we have directed more than $45 million in grants to grassroots initiatives in 167 countries.We give people, foundations, and responsible businesses the opportunity to invest in global grassroots change that honors people, livelihoods, and ecosystems equally.Our innovative and responsive granting infrastructure connects you to a worldwide community of activists addressing their regions’ most pressing challenges. Because our expert Grant Advisors carefully select projects, you can be sure your support helps people create change that will last....


Society of the Divine Savior-The Salvatorians

Milwaukee, WI

Salvatorian priests, brothers and deacons are members of the Society of the Divine Savior, a Catholic religious community. We minister collaboratively with the Salvatorian sisters and laity in the United States and in thirty other countries around the world. Founded in Rome in the 1880's, Salvatorians minister as chaplains, teachers, pastors, caregivers, secretaries, social workers, foreign missionaries, artists, volunteers, nurses, pastoral ministers, retreat directors -- wherever there is a need.Our priests and brothers carry the Word of God all over the globe, ministering wherever there is a need: Parishes and schools Hospitals Nursing homes Prisons Communities under duress MISSIONThe Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) proclaims and teaches by all ways and means the goodness and kindness of Jesus the Savior.VISIONSalvatorians seek to become apostles for our times in order to make the Savior known to all people.SHARED VALUESPrayer We are vowed men of prayer, the center of which is the Eucharist.Providence We trust in God, discerning and responding to the signs of the times.Apostolate We are called to be apostles for the renewal of the Church and the world, and we invite others to discover and respond to their call to be apostles.Justice We advocate for justice and peace, standing with the poor and marginalized.Community We support one another through mutual love and service.Collaboration We are servant-leaders, involving others in our mission.Universality We include as members of the Society people from every nation, and we are open to serve the people of any nation.Simplicity We live a simple lifestyle, becoming one with those we serve, especially the poor. Celebration We rejoice in the fullness of life.


Safi Life

Chatsworth, CA

Safi Life is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to female advancement in Africa through the granting of university scholarships. Statistics prove that when a girl in a developing world receives an education, she paves the way for a future less likely to entail domestic abuse, medical complications, and poverty. When a vulnerable woman is able to take control of her own destiny, not only does her world change, but so does the world around her. As women and girls earn income, they typically reinvest 90% of it to their families, so their success can be passed on generationally. Additionally, a woman contributing to her local economy inevitably earns respect from male counterparts, allowing for longstanding beliefs about the power of a woman to shift. Therefore, both the economic and communal aspects of a nation are addressed, while providing for its future, weaving a healthier society overall.By awarding individual scholarships to girls who otherwise would not be able to afford a university education, it is our hope that the recipients will go on to better the nation in which they reside, setting positive examples, and slowly changing the cultural norms in Africa. Our platform country is Rwanda, which is already leading the way for equality in Africa with 64% of its Parliament being women, the highest percentage of women in governmental position in the world.“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” - Confucius