Smile Train

New York, NY

Our vision is to ensure every child born with a cleft can lead a full and productive life, because every child deserves the ability to smile.We are an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate. Millions of children in developing countries with untreated clefts live in isolation, but more importantly, have difficulty eating, breathing and speaking. Cleft repair surgery is simple, and the transformation is immediate. Our sustainable model provides training, funding, and resources to empower local doctors in 85+ developing countries to provide 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care in their own communities.Patients see their smile for the first time, parents cry tears of joy, lives and communities are changed forever.As a result of our efficiency and with the support of our donors and partners around the world, Smile Train has transformed the lives of more than one million children by giving them the power of a smile.


Lions Clubs International Foundation

Oak Brook, IL

Mission StatementTo empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.Every day, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) works to fulfill our mission: "To support the efforts of Lions clubs and partners in serving communities locally and globally, giving hope and impacting lives through humanitarian service projects and grants."Since our founding in 1968 we have strived to sustain Lions’ humanitarian service goals throughout the world, awarding over 13,000 grants totaling more than US$1 billion, in the four key areas of sight, youth, disaster relief and other humanitarian efforts.We give sight. LCIF is providing vision for those in need all over the world by combating eye diseases, creating infrastructure to improve eye care delivery, increasing the number of trained eye care professionals and making vision care more equitable and sustainable.We support youth. All young people deserve to have an education, feel cared for and experience healthy development so they can have the chance to achieve their dreams. Through our positive youth development program, Lions Quest, LCIF is helping children learn to work together, make positive decisions and serve their communities. The Foundation also supports youth through constructing schools, youth centers and vocational training centers.We provide disaster relief. Lions are often some of the first to arrive at a disaster to provide relief, and Foundation support is right there with them. We help devastated communities survive after disasters and bring hope by assisting in long-term efforts of rebuilding of homes and lives.We address humanitarian needs. From working to combat global health issues such as measles and diabetes to empowering those with disabilities to lead more independent and fulfilling lives, LCIF is dedicated to a range of humanitarian service projects. The Foundation continues to develop and expand programs that meet emerging needs worldwide.


Tibetan Nuns Project

Seattle, WA

The Tibetan Nuns Project provides education and humanitarian aid to refugee nuns from Tibet and to nuns from the Himalayan regions of India. Your support provides facilities and programs to educate, empower, and improve the status of ordained Tibetan women.About Our WorkThe majority of Buddhist nuns leave Tibet because of the repressive political situation. Over the past two decades, a steady stream of nuns has arrived in Dharamsala in the Himalayan region of North India seeking refuge. These women wish only to live, study, practice, and teach in accordance with their spiritual beliefs.Ranging in age from early teens to mid-80s, they come from all parts of Tibet and from many different backgrounds. Upon arrival in India, many nuns have suffered severely from their long, arduous, and often dangerous escapes. Some have been tortured and imprisoned by Chinese authorities in Tibet. In most cases the nuns arrive without money or possessions to a community already struggling to support itself.We currently support over 700 Tibetan nuns living at 7 nunneries in northern India.The Tibetan Nuns Project is dedicated to:Improving standards of food, sanitation, medical care, and education in Tibetan nunneriesWorking towards future self-sufficiency through educational and training opportunitiesTraining nuns to take leadership and service roles within their communitiesImproving the level and status of ordained Buddhist womenAssisting recently arrived refugee nuns from TibetContinuing to establish further facilities for Buddhist nunsWatch the video to learn how your support helps the nuns at the Tibetan Nuns Project....


Water for People

Denver, CO

Water For People is an international nonprofit working across 9 countries to bring safe water and sanitation to 4 million people. For us, it's not just about building wells, installing toilets, and setting up pumps, but about creating long-term, sustainable change. We talk to community members, governments, and business owners to find out what they need to feel healthy, safe, and empowered. Then we build capacity from the ground up and top down, changing entire systems so we won’t have to be around forever – but water and sanitation services will last for generations to come.1.8 billion people around the world don't have access to safe water and 2.4 billion lack access to adequate sanitation. Women and children spend more than 4 hours walking for water each day, and more than 840,000 people die each year from water-related diseases.We want to see communities break free from the cycle of poverty and spend time growing, learning, and thriving, instead of walking for water and fighting off illness. We're working to reach Everyone Forever with safe water and sanitation.VisionA world where every person has access to reliable and safe water and sanitation services...Mission​Water For People exists to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. ValuesOur values are based on demonstrating integrity in all we do.Accountability – to communities, partners and each otherCourage – to innovate, to risk, to leadEmpowerment – of citizens, families and local institutionsPartnership – on the ground, in the sector and at all levels of governmentTransparency – in what we do, what it costs and what is working...


Heifer International

Little Rock, AR

Heifer International's mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.We empower families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity – but our approach is more than just giving them a handout. Heifer links communities and helps bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty. Our animals provide partners with both food and reliable income, as agricultural products such as milk, eggs and honey can be traded or sold at market.When many families gain this new sustainable income, it brings new opportunities for building schools, creating agricultural cooperatives, forming community savings and funding small businesses.Our WorkSince 1944, Heifer has helped transform the lives of more than 18.5 million families (94.5 million people) by giving them gifts of cows, goats and other livestock. Along with the animals, families receive training in animal care and conservation for environmentally sound agricultural development. There is also training in community development, gender equity, sharing and caring, strategic planning and other subjects as needed, including literacy. The process takes several years and is not declared successful until the community shows sustained improvement in nutrition, income and self-reliance. Heifer International works in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, and in the United States, using culturally and geographically appropriate livestock such as water buffalo, llamas and poultry in additional to cows, goats, sheep and other more conventional farm animals. Heifer International also provides bees, tree seedlings and worms to increase farm production and sustainability. Passing on the GiftThe core of our model is Passing on the Gift. This means families share the training they receive, and pass on the first female offspring of their livestock to another family. This extends the impact of the original gift, allowing a once impoverished family to become donors and full participants in improving their communities.The goal of every Heifer project is to help families achieve self-reliance. We do this by providing them the tools they need to sustain themselves, and it's thanks to the generosity of donors like you.


Soccer Without Borders

Cambridge, MA

Our mission is to use soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing under-served youth with a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success. What We DoThe SWB program is effective across borders because of its adaptable framework, which is designed to minimize cultural, logistical, and economic barriers to participation, reaching youth that too often fall through the cracks. We respond to the specific needs of a target population and resources within a community by leaving space within our program model for local adaptation. We create a team environment defined by consistent leaders, dynamic and relevant program activities, and a culture of acceptance. The hard work of our direct service staff to implement these strategies has led to retention rates of 70% or more within SWB teams.SOCCER: We provide the equipment, coaching, and transportation needed to help participants of all skill levels pass, dribble, score, sweat, win, lose, learn, and celebrate together in organized practices and games.EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT: We provide academic and language development support, high school and college preparation, as well as workshops on nutrition, wellness, mindfulness, healthy relationships and any other topics that are most important to them.CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: We connect our programs and participants to the local and global community through themed events and team service projects, creating key leadership opportunities off the field.TEAM BUILDING: With the team unit as the centerpiece of our program model, we prioritize low adult-to-participant ratios and utilize deliberate team and program-building strategies to create an inclusive community that transcends differences.CULTURAL EXCHANGE: We emphasize dialogue, understanding, and friendship across cultures through intentional activities including the use of grouping strategies, themed events, and opportunities for meaningful exchange.


The Infinite Foundation Inc.

Lawndale, CA

The Infinite Foundation, Inc. (TIF) was ultimately founded to provide the community with an opportunity to informally network from every discipline within the public and private sectors, to share up-to-date social, economic and cultural information, and to foster humanitarian services to the homeless and needy. Today, our work spans the following program areas: HealthcareWellness and human servicesMedical missionArt, Culture, and FestivalsYouth leadership and skills developmentAmateur sports development Educational support programs We aim to be a leading supporter of efforts to promote policies for better living, respect for the rule of law, human services of minorities, orphanages, the homeless, and the underserved.
 We believe the quintessential attributes and experience of our dynamic team can play a positive role in an inter-relational dialogue and harmonious co-existence in Nigeria, Africa and around the world rather than the hypersegregation and clash of racial and ethnicity. We seek to create dialogue that breaks out of the dualities of anti- and pro- ethnic forces, of the right vs. the left, of secularism vs. religion, of science vs. spirituality, of economic growth vs. ecological preservation. Helping each ethnicity find its own voice in this dialogue is a key part of our mission....


Operation USA

Los Angeles, CA

Operation USA supports health and education programs in order to help children and families at home and abroad recover and thrive in the wake of disasters, disease, violence and endemic poverty.Every day, we strive to meet the needs of under-served and overlooked populations so future generations have the tools to create meaningful change in their own communities and lives. Working with partners around the world, we empower communities to recover, build resiliency and thrive in the face of pervasive obstacles in a time of unprecedented global need. Our WorkGive and it gets there. We are a Los Angeles-based international disaster relief and development agency helping communities at home and abroad overcome the effects of disasters, disease, violence and endemic poverty. Small, agile and effective.
 Operation USA is a hands-on agency with a small, dedicated staff overseeing our projects and disaster response work. Free of the bureaucracy and overhead of a larger organization, creative solutions allow us to respond to real needs in real time. As Founding Board member Julie Andrews says, “Operation USA is the little ship that gets in the harbor where the big ships cannot go.”Privately funded from day one. 
100% privately-funded, we works without any government financial support—or the constraints that support may bring.Changing lives at home and abroad.
 Disaster relief is most often associated with the developing world–but, since our earliest days, we have dedicated a portion of our efforts to projects here at home. And, as needs have increased, in some years as much as 50% of our work is done in the USA.In it for the long haul.
 In most cases, the effects of disasters are not limited by time. Years after a disaster has abated, communities are still frequently in need of assistance. Committed to rebuilding, we stay in the field long after many others have left. Long-term projects help rebuild lives and livelihoods.Focusing on education and health.
 Education may be the single most cost-effective kind of aid. It opens minds, builds futures and provides youths with the tools they need to succeed. Enhanced health care lengthens lives and transforms communities. We support these life-changing programs so that children and families can recover, grow and thrive in the wake of disasters.Every donation—large or small—makes an impact.
 When you donate to Operation USA, you immediately start to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most....


MAP International

Brunswick, GA

Our MissionMAP International is a Christian organization providing life-changing medicines and health supplies to people in need. MAP serves all people, regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality or ethnic background.What We DoWe provide medicines and health supplies to those in need around the world so they might experience life to the fullest. In times of disaster, MAP International provides immediate humanitarian assistance and relief aid including medicines and health supplies to people left homeless and without access to basic services. From the earliest days of a response, MAP focuses on helping communities restore critical services and work with partners to help them rebuild health systems. MAP International has provided more than $6 billion in medicines and health supplies to communities in need since its inception in 1954. MAP is recognized for its stewardship by charity watchdogs, each year achieving the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator, CNBC, ECFA and Forbes magazine.We Are Financially AccountableMAP is recognized for its efficiency by charity watchdogs each year achieving the highest ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Charity Navigator, CNBC, ECFA, and Forbes magazine. Because of MAP's effective use of donated goods, for every dollar donated, $60 in medicines and medical supplies is shipped to those in need.


Hope for Haiti

Naples, FL

We work to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children, through education, healthcare, water, infrastructure and economy.Our ApproachHope for Haiti’s holistic approach is a model that connects, heals, and empowers rural communities on the road to sustainable, long-term development.Our community-based model works to find local and innovative solutions to problems derived by poverty through the following five key areas of development: 1. Education 2. Healthcare 3. Water 4. Infrastructure 5. EconomyOur History: 27 years of love27 years after its inception, Hope for Haiti continues to generate long-term success from the foundation on which it was built. Hope for Haiti continues to partner with those in Haiti who are doing an excellent job and support them in furthering their work. We do not build and run our own schools. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we work directly with those who are successfully ministering to the poor and who will be there for the long term. In this way, we make sure that over 95 cents of every dollar donated is used for programs that can help create a better future for the children of Haiti.By focusing on the school as the center of a community’s nutrition and healthcare, clean water, infrastructure, and economic needs, Hope for Haiti connects, heals, and empowers partners towards sustainability. We believe in using technology to foster education, human capital, and the economy. Our cutting-edge programs apply concepts including social business, solar power, UV filtration, and the use of Electronic Medical Records to efficiently solve problems and improve the quality of life of the Haitian people. We offer professional development opportunities to equip our team of Haitian staff members and partner institutions to build capacity to address the future’s challenges.Hope for Haiti has held the vision from the very beginning that the people of Haiti are the ones who take control of their future and we are here to lend a needed hand along the difficult path.What was once only a vision has now become a reality. On behalf of the over 500,000 children and adults we touch each year, thank you for believing in us!


Kansas City, MO

We believe water is the way to break the cycle of poverty. To protect and save lives. To turn time spent into time saved. To make a bright future possible for all. We are here to break down the barriers between people and access to safe water and sanitation. We’ve already helped millions. Join us and together we can get safe water to millions more.Water is a fundamental human need, yet 663 million people worldwide lack access to safe water. 2.4 billion people worldwide lack access to a toilet. We are We're here to bring water and sanitation to the world. We want to make it safe, accessible and cost effective because we believe that water is the way to empowering a better life that we can all share in, worldwide.We are an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed more than five million lives around the world through access to safe water and sanitation. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, we have been pioneering market-driven financial solutions to the global water crisis for 25 years, giving women hope, children health and communities a future.Our approach is proven and powerful: • We think in terms of practical economic solutions. Charity alone is not a long-term solution. We seek sustainable financial solutions that last and grow, so more and more people can equip themselves with access to the water and sanitation solutions they need. • We believe in the power and autonomy of the people we serve. They are people with financial power, rights, and the capabilities to define their own futures. They know the specific needs of their communities and what will work; we have resources that can help make it happen. • We have the experience and the passion to go the distance. We've been dedicated to this issue for over 25 years, building solutions, making progress, and looking at the problem from every angle to find new and better ways to put water expertise to work....


Children International

Kansas City, MO

Our ONE goal? Break the cycle of poverty. Children International (CI) gives kids a safe place, an encouraging team and a path out of poverty. We have a bold vision: graduating healthy, educated, empowered and employed young adults from our program so they can achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Period.How We Make A DifferenceWe have a simple, proven approach that is making a difference. Kids in our program have access to:1. A safe PLACE: 70+ community centers located where our sponsored kids live - clean, uplifting spaces such as clinics, libraries, computer labs, tutoring areas, meeting spaces and playgrounds.2. A caring TEAM that inspires, encourages and supports our sponsored children: local doctors, dentists, coaches and staff, plus about 9,000 volunteers worldwide!3. A clear PATH out of poverty that focuses on health, education, empowerment and employment through country-relevant and age-specific programs and services. Staying on the path from toddlerhood to young adulthood equips our kids with crucial life and job skills to break the cycle of poverty. For good.Walk into one of our 70+ community centers around the world, and you will see kids playing, reading, getting medical and dental check-ups and receiving life-changing help. But something even bigger happens, too. For many kids and families, our community centers offer a place of dignity and hope. And you can make a long-term impact on their lives by helping build a community center in much-needed areas. Check out our on-going and newly completed community center projects on our Cause pages. Your help = incredible impactOutside our community centers, life is very different for our children and youth. That's why your support means so much – and provides a safe, dignifying place for kids and their families.SMART GIVING: Children International is a top-rated, BBB-accredited charity and named one of the top humanitarian organizations in the U.S. by Consumers Digest. We're proud that 84% of our total expenses in 2015 went directly to the programs and activities that help sponsored children, and we're proud of the high standards we met in achieving that number. At CI, your money goes a long way to make a huge change in kids' lives....


Tuesday's Children

New York, NY

Tuesday's Children was founded to promote long-term healing in all those directly impacted by the events of September 11, 2001. Our mission today is to Keep the Promise to those children and families while serving and supporting communities impacted by acts of terror worldwide.


Convoy of Hope

Springfield, MO

We are a faith-based, nonprofit organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches and disaster response.We have now served more than 77 million people throughout the world by sharing food, water, emergency supplies, agricultural know-how, and opportunities that empower people to live independent lives, free from poverty, disease and hunger.How We Do ItAs a faith-based, international, humanitarian-relief organization strategically based in Springfield, Missouri — the crossroads of America — our goal is to bring help and hope to those who are impoverished, hungry and hurting. We do this by:EngagingEach year — in dozens of communities throughout the nation — guests of honor receive free groceries, health and dental screenings, haircuts, family portraits, hot meals, job-placement assistance and much more at our signature events.Caring We partner, resource and empower rural churches through training, mentoring and coaching so they can enhance their presence in their communities. The strategy works best when church leaders partner with community leaders and stakeholders.NourishingNearly 150,000 children in 10 nations are being fed nutritious meals by us. The food opens doors for education, clean water, a sense of hope and much more. Currently, we are feeding children in the Philippines, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, South Africa and Tanzania.Growing Impoverished farmers and families are equipped with the skills, tools and seeds to produce life-sustaining crops through the agricultural work we conduct throughout the world. Each year, tens of thousands of meals are harvested for our children’s feeding work and income is generated for farmers.RespondingConsistently among the first to respond to disasters throughout the world. We are highly regarded for our scalable distribution model, Disaster Response teams, six international warehouses and Mobile Command Center.PartneringWe empower like-minded organizations, who are doing good work among the poor and suffering in their communities. This is accomplished by providing such friends with food, water, supplies and much more.


World Academy of Art and Science

Napa, CA

"Leadership in thought that leads to action." The World Academy of Art and Science is an international think tank incorporated in Napa, California as a non-profit (501c3) organization. Founded in 1960 on the inspiration of eminent intellectuals such as Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell and concerned by the impact of the explosive growth of knowledge, its activities seek to address global issues related to the social consequences and policy implications of knowledge. WAAS consists of 730 individual Fellows from more than 80 nations, diverse cultures and intellectual disciplines, chosen for eminence in art, natural and social sciences, humanities, and public service. Members are supported by a global network of 7 centers and 13 partner institutions. The Academy serves as a forum to discuss the vital problems of humankind independent of political boundaries or limits, whether spiritual or physical -- a forum where these problems can be discussed objectively, scientifically, globally, and free from vested interests or regional attachments, to arrive at solutions that affirm universal human rights and serve the interests of all humanity. Our mission is to promote cross-disciplinary dialogue generative of original ideas and integrated perspectives that comprehend the root causes and effective remedies for our common problems, while furthering those currents of thought and social movement that affirm the value of human dignity and equitable development.The Academy dedicates itself to the pursuit of creative, catalytic ideas that can provide to present and future generations enlightened leadership in thought that leads to effective action. Major activities of the Academy include projects to promote: • Human-centered Sustainable Economy • Full-employment • Nuclear Disarmament • Original thinking and creativity • Education for the 21st Century • Individuality & Leadership • New Paradigm for Peace, Human Security and Global Development • Transdisciplinary science of society The spirit of the Academy can be expressed in the words of, Albert Einstein, who was one of its founders: "The creations of our mind shall be a blessing and not a curse to mankind." Its Fellows share the ambition "to rediscover the language of mutual understanding," surmounting differences in tradition, language, and social structure which, unless fused by creative imagination and continuous effort, dissolve the latent human commonwealth in contention and conflict....


HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh

Miami, FL

Our mission is to provide health services to needy people in Bangladesh, particularly the women and children in rural areas.Established in 1999 by Dr. Iftikher Mahmood, a Bangladeshi-American, HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh was created with the goal of serving those most in need. Bangladesh has an extremely high maternal, infant and child mortality rate. Most of these deaths could be prevented with a mass education program of preventative health and early intervention to manage infectious conditions as well as provide basic treatment. The ratio of healthcare workers and health facilities is extremely low and consequently, the health needs of this country are vastly unmet. Medical treatment is often ill equipped to provide the necessary treatment. There are currently 300 beds in this area to treat 2 million people living in Cox’s Bazar. Dr. Mahmood, being a Pediatrician, wanted to make a profound impact on the lives of his people and provide services for those who otherwise could not afford it. Through tireless fundraising, HOPE’s team raised enough money to build a 40-bed hospital in Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, as well as 8 HOPE Medical Centers in rural areas. In addition to primary care, HOPE’s hospital boasts: Emergency & Trauma TreatmentPediatricsMaternal CareDiagnostic ServicesTraining CenterOutreach & Education Programs Specialized Care in Obstetric Fistula Repair, Cleft Lip & Palate Repair, and Burn Treatment & Rehabilitation Where We WorkHOPE Hospital: Our 40-bed hospital in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh serves the impoverished in the area. We charge 80% of the normal medical costs, or free if patients are unable to pay at all. The pillar of where our work takes place, HOPE Hospital is providing an immense amount of treatment and services. On average we are seeing over 25,000 patients a year.HOPE Medical Centers: HOPE Medical Centers are small health clinics set up in rural villages, increasing access to healthcare in hard to reach areas. As most of our patients are overwhelmingly disadvantaged, transportation to HOPE Hospital can be difficult, or completely impossible. By setting up these clinics, HOPE is able to serve even the most rural of areas. HOPE Medical Centers also serve as referral centers if a patient requires advanced treatment at our Hospital....


The Chris Long Foundation

Saint Louis, MO

"Being a human being doesn’t have borders or nationality." — Chris LongThe mission of The Chris Long Foundation is to support bright futures for communities and the individuals that make up those communities. We believe borders do not limit caring about our fellow neighbors. We engage in both international and domestic programs focused around clean water, military appreciation, homelessness and youth. Our programs strive to generate impactful results by creating opportunities and providing resources, financial support and meaningful experiences to those we serve.“We have a window of opportunity as players to make a real difference, and we can’t waste it.” — Chris LongA 2015 Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee for his charitable efforts and innovative fundraising initiatives, Chris Long, through The Chris Long Foundation, leverages his relationships and status as an NFL player to rally support for charitable cause.Through the foundation’s signature initiative, Waterboys, Chris demonstrates his ability to change lives and transform entire communities by bringing clean water to communities in East Africa. Read more about it here.


Project HOPE

Millwood, VA

Our mission is to achieve sustainable advances in health care around the world by implementing health education programs and providing humanitarian assistance in areas of need.Founded in 1958, Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere) is dedicated to providing lasting solutions to health problems with the mission of helping people to help themselves. Identifiable to many by the SS HOPE, the world’s first peacetime hospital ship, Project HOPE now provides medical training and health education, as well as conducts humanitarian assistance programs in more than 35 countries.We deliver essential medicines and supplies, volunteers and medical training to prevent disease, promote wellness, respond to disaster and save lives around the globe.Over the past five decades, we have demonstrated our ability to develop long-term solutions to pressing health problems, the true essence of helping people help themselves. Our global work includes fighting infectious diseases such as TB and HIV/AIDS, addressing the rapidly growing risks of noncommunicable diseases —especially obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, improving the quality of health care for women and children and responding to humanitarian crisis.


Orphan's Lifeline International

Kalispell, MT

There are a staggering 143 million orphan children worldwide. Many remain uncounted, living in the streets and sewer systems. They are subjected to human trafficking, prostitution, child labor, terrorism and worse. Many of these children will die of starvation, malnutrition, preventable illness and acts of violence. They are abandoned, rejected and forgotten. They are children. You can make a difference...Join us as we bring hope to the orphans of the world by providing food, shelter, medical care, academic education, spiritual growth and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependence and promotes individual and societal productivity as well as charitable character within the community. For 17 years we have been transforming "orphanages" and "institutions" into thriving Children's Homes through our unique Whole Home Care approach and monthly reporting accountability. Each children's home is approved through our extensive application process and agrees to the terms of our support and guidance, which includes providing detailed profiles on each child in the home, monthly budgets, monthly photos, monthly program reports and proof of purchases. Each home is spot checked by our in country Child Care Coordinators or Program Liaisons. And we do not stop there. Each child who ages out of the home has a developed plan according to his/her interests and abilities for higher education, skill training or gainful employment. Yes, we DO break the cycle. Be A Lifeline of Hope to an Orphaned Child! Haiti-India-Kenya-Liberia-Mexico-Pakistan-Philippines-Russia-UgandaTo learn more about our programs visit us at


The Ocean Project

Providence, RI

The Ocean Project advances ocean conservation in collaboration with organizations around the world. We are the global coordinators for World Oceans Day, a fast-growing celebration of our ocean, held annually on June 8 and with ongoing involvement year-round. Strategies for Achieving our MissionThe Ocean Project network has grown to include approximately 2,000 organizations in over 100 countries. We support our aquarium, zoo, and museum partners, youth groups, and many others with strategic communications guidance, resources, and tools to help them engage their visitors and the public for conservation action, at the personal, community, and societal levels. Through our global leadership for World Oceans Day, our network has diversified immensely and now includes organizations representing not only aquariums, zoos, museums, and youth groups, but also recreational interests, especially diving, sailing, boating and surfing, the tourism and hospitality industry, universities, schools, businesses, environmental and conservation NGOs, artists, the maritime industry, and communities of faith.To help grow the reach and impact of World Oceans Day, we activate, connect, and demonstrate worldwide support for ocean conservation on June 8th and then use those connections to generate involvement throughout the year. We have been growing World Oceans Day as a global rallying point for action that unifies organizations and captures people's imaginations to catalyze enhanced awareness, modify behaviors, develop the political will, and foster important measurable societal changes, locally, nationally and internationally.Our core values underpin everything we do. We are data driven, having conducted the largest market and public opinion research initiative ever, to measure changes in awareness and action and identify opportunities for action. We focus on creating positive solutions, pursuing innovative ways to achieve positive outcomes in both the short- and long-term. We continually identify strategic opportunities to complement and add value to others' efforts to be most effective.We focus not on enhancing our own brand image, but on improving our partners' individual and collective efforts to improve the health of the ocean and create a more sustainable society. By brokering connections and providing market research and analysis, and related education and communications strategies and tools, we have built strong respect and trust among our network of partners....


Save the Children

Bridgeport, CT

Save the Children invests in childhood – every day, in times of crisis and for our future. In the United States and around the world, we give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm. By transforming children's lives now, we change the course of their future and ours.Our six global priorities are that children are protected; children learn and develop; children are healthy and well-nourished; children thrive in food-secure and economically viable households; children affected by HIV/AIDS are supported; and emergency response is effectively managed. Save the Children welcomes unrestricted support, endowment gifts, and funding for specific projects. We honor the unique preferences and philanthropic goals of each of our foundation partners.


Global Greengrants Fund

Boulder, CO

Our mission is to mobilize on-the-ground resources to fight environmental degradation, promote sustainability, and support social justice around the world.Solutions for lasting change come from people who face challenges to their environments and rights every day. We support community-based projects that make our world safer, healthier, and more just. As the leading environmental fund that supports grassroots action on a global scale, we have directed more than $45 million in grants to grassroots initiatives in 167 countries.We give people, foundations, and responsible businesses the opportunity to invest in global grassroots change that honors people, livelihoods, and ecosystems equally.Our innovative and responsive granting infrastructure connects you to a worldwide community of activists addressing their regions’ most pressing challenges. Because our expert Grant Advisors carefully select projects, you can be sure your support helps people create change that will last.


Society of the Divine Savior-The Salvatorians

Milwaukee, WI

Salvatorian priests, brothers and deacons are members of the Society of the Divine Savior, a Catholic religious community. We minister collaboratively with the Salvatorian sisters and laity in the United States and in thirty other countries around the world. Founded in Rome in the 1880's, Salvatorians minister as chaplains, teachers, pastors, caregivers, secretaries, social workers, foreign missionaries, artists, volunteers, nurses, pastoral ministers, retreat directors -- wherever there is a need.Our priests and brothers carry the Word of God all over the globe, ministering wherever there is a need: Parishes and schools Hospitals Nursing homes Prisons Communities under duress MISSIONThe Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) proclaims and teaches by all ways and means the goodness and kindness of Jesus the Savior.VISIONSalvatorians seek to become apostles for our times in order to make the Savior known to all people.SHARED VALUESPrayer We are vowed men of prayer, the center of which is the Eucharist.Providence We trust in God, discerning and responding to the signs of the times.Apostolate We are called to be apostles for the renewal of the Church and the world, and we invite others to discover and respond to their call to be apostles.Justice We advocate for justice and peace, standing with the poor and marginalized.Community We support one another through mutual love and service.Collaboration We are servant-leaders, involving others in our mission.Universality We include as members of the Society people from every nation, and we are open to serve the people of any nation.Simplicity We live a simple lifestyle, becoming one with those we serve, especially the poor. Celebration We rejoice in the fullness of life....