Shalom Orphanage, Nairobi

by Feed Starving People Inc.

The Shalom orphanage, led by Pastor Richard and his wife Maria, is located an hour north of Nairobi. Here they care for 34 orphaned children — 17 girls and 17 boys.  Though the children greet you with a smile on their face, clapping hands and singing songs, there is still much work to be done here. The areas of greatest need are outlined below. Even the smallest donation can help provide health, stability, and peace of mind to these children and their caretakers. 

  • Medicine. Upon visiting the orphanage, we quickly learned that 3 of the children were born with AIDS. For Richard and Maria, maintaining their meds is the highest priority but also their greatest financial struggle. 
  • Sleeping Quarters. Due to a shortage of supplies and resources, the children sleep two per bunk with one blanket to share. Our goal is to provide additional bunks and blankets so each child can have their own bed and blanket to sleep. 
  • Water. During our visit to Nairobi, we learned the water tank at the orphanage had been dry for weeks. Water is scarce, but with your help, we can turn water scarcity into water security. Help us do that by donating today.

Firsthand Update from Shalom Orphanage | Nairobi, Kenya

April 20, 2017 | Los Angeles, CA

When I arrived at the Shalom Orphanage about an hour north of Nairobi, deep down a red dirt road in the fields; I saw a concrete compound with a big metal door. Inside we were greeted by kids singing and clapping a little tune. The pastor Richard and his wife Maria gave us an introduction about how they bought this property and built this compound for orphans. Housing 34 children, 17 girls and 17 boys.

We got a tour of the compound, seeing a very well kept place but still hurting very badly with very old tattered mattresses and sheets. Two kids per bunk with one blanket to share. I imagined kids wetting the bed peeing on one another and soiling the ratty mattress that can’t be cleaned because of a lack of cleaning products and no accessible water. I imagined kids freezing and cuddling up on their bunk buddy trying to stay warm together.

I also learned that their water supply had been bone dry for weeks. 

I asked Pastor Richard what we could do that would be most helpful. He replied “The first thing that we need the most, is your prayers. Please pray for us. Anything after that is greatly appreciated, no matter how big or small; we are truly grateful for any help in any form.” 

I asked about filling up the 10k liter water tank on the roof and to my surprise he shared how it would be best that we not spend the $600 on filling the tank, but buy a spare tank of 5k liters for $320 USD. I was shocked by his response to save money and spend more wisely. He shared how that 10k tank would eventually refill for much less from a deal he has made with water distributor and that the 5k tank would be very helpful as a spare and that the 5k liters would hold them over until the 10k tank is refilled. Without hesitation, and feeling so trusting of this man; I quickly agreed and made arrangements to order that tank on my way out as we would pass through town to do so. 

We also committed to looking into having some tables made for their empty classroom. I loved this room that they had but no tables to work on. Two tables cost about $140. Another $100 was spent on diapers and hygiene products and a grip of necessary long lasting food products. These items would have to be handled by our FSP local point of contact and transportation guy, Maina. Maina sent a few photos (see Impact section) about a week after I had returned from Kenya. I had also given the pastor too much money for a soccerball. Not an excessive amount, but just enough to help him and his wife continue doing what they are doing. I told him, please get those boys a soccerball and send me a picture of it. Take the change and do whatever you and Maria see necessary with it. I cupped his hand with mine and told him that I will always pray for him, and asked him to please keep doing the amazing job he is doing. 

I couldn’t help but think about how many people send me messages about the great work I am doing around the world and how they think I am like some hero. I don’t refute that but I sat there that day looking at Pastor Richard and Maria and was just so humbled by the real hero here.

I was so grateful to Maina for bringing us here and that he handled the work to be done like a professional after I was gone, when no one was paying him either… he is a real FSP team player, in our Nairobi, Kenya sector. The Shalom Orphanage has our prayers and support for as long as they stand like they do. Love those kids forever. As Jessy Love said “We are committed, forever. We now have 34 more kids.” 

None of this would be possible without all the support and donors around the world. But I want to personally thank Al Walsh and Gail Bradley for making this particular project at the Shalom Orphanage possible. I told you I’d do something great with your donations, and I hope this update gives you at least half of an idea how important your support really is to FSP and these 38 poor souls doin’ it tough. Thank you!

With love and hope, 

Tim Bradley, Executive Director, Feed Starving People, Inc. 

Firsthand Update from Shalom Orphanage | Nairobi, Kenya

April 20 2017 | Los Angeles, CA

When I arrived at the Shalom Orphanage about an hour north of Nairobi, deep down a red dirt road in

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Shalom Orphanage | Nairobi, Kenya | April 2017

Upon arriving to Shalom Orphanage, we quickly learned there was no water. Their tank had been dry for weeks. 

Below, a photo of the new water tank we provided. Once their primary water tank is refilled, this tank will serve as a backup.

A new soccerball!