Orphan Education Fund

by Orphan's Lifeline International

95 per cent of all orphans are over the age of five. (Unicef.org)

That means that the majority of the 132 mil. orphaned children in the world are of school age.  Unfortunately, in most developing countries, adequate schooling is not free and if there is a single parent or guardian living, they cannot afford basic necessities, let alone tuition fees.

These children are forced to work in labor fields or beg on the street instead of attending school.  They then are vulnerable to becoming trafficked, addicted and/or dead from disease.

We are changing that!

All of the children in our 20+ orphan care homes attend quality school daily.  In fact, it is a requirement to receive our funding.

We know and have proven results, that if a child is raised with proper academic education, they will qualify for skilled employment.  Employment that gives them enough wages to send their own future children to school.

And then, the cycle is broken!

While most of our orphan care homes have received education funds for the upcoming school year, some simply have not. 

You can help!

Your gift of any amount will help with education expenses and keep the orphaned children on their continued path to a successful future! 

Education Inspires, Enables and Impacts Entire Communities!

May 24, 2017 | Kalispell, MT

Besides the operational costs of the children's homes, education is the greatest expense for Orphan's Lifeline International. Most of our children's homes pay monthly school fees, while others are required to pay the annual lump sum at one time. Education breaks the cycle of poverty and hopelessness and it enables the children to look forward to a bright future with good careers. We send the children to good schools, or, if the area lacks a good school, we hire qualified teachers to teach at the children's home. The caliber of education in our schools is so high that locals often pay to send their children to the school we've started.

Many of the children continue on to universities, a level of education that would have been unfathomable if they hadn't received the care of an Orphan's Lifeline home. One of our young ladies who grew up in Lermontovka Children's Home in Russia returned to work in the home after completing her degree in Social Work, helping new children transition into the home and receive counseling for past trauma.  

Gopi, from India, was orphaned by when his mother passed and left with a drunken older father.  He begged to be let into the Errebalem Boys Home for safety and security. Gopi attended school and church only later to attend college with the goal of opening his own orphan care home to other children. In the meantime, he helps the orphan boys currently residing at the Errebalem home as a positive mentor and role model.

Education inspires, enables and impacts entire communities. 

It is truly amazing to see how communities react to the "change" in the orphan children after they have been in our care.  In most countries, a child, who has been abandoned is labeled as worthless, no value, trash.  The community does not want this "bad" element in their lives, so they do nothing but abuse them further.  Use them for labor, giving them scraps.  Kick them and beat them.

These children are brave.  Braver than most of us.  They go back into the community and give food to the poor, hold community events and clean up their streets. They give back to those that turned away from them and expect nothing in return.

They are teaching others that ALL children have value.  Now, we are seeing citizens come forward to help the orphaned children by bringing them to our homes, taking them into their own homes and changing the cycle!

Your support can empower one orphaned child to complete their education in a safe home so that they can one day help hundreds more! 

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Education Inspires, Enables and Impacts Entire Communities!

May 24 2017 | Kalispell, MT

Besides the operational costs of the children's homes, education is the greatest expense for Orphan's Lifeline International. Most of our

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