Cheerful Giving


By Cheerful Giving | Staff Post
March 2, 2017

It is with great joy we introduce Cheerful Giving. Over the past year, our team has worked to build a platform which we believe will launch a revolution. We are regular folks with a heart for philanthropy and the will to put our talent and resources to work for something greater than ourselves.

From our homes scattered across the world, this unified team has burned the midnight oil across six time zones to ponder how we could spark the next revolution.

It’s an audacious vision to think a small group of people could change the world, but isn’t that exactly what America has always been about? We were born from a revolution and we have owned that spirit since our nation’s inception.

It’s time again for a change. The news of the day is causing deep concern, the outworking of which contributes

to a feeling of isolation and a sense of helplessness.

But as Americans, we want better for the world. Let’s make some good news; let’s usher in a revolution of love, for at

the core of all caring, of all decency and civility, of all compassion and of all stewardship — there is love.

Cheerful Giving aims to be the largest ecosystem of donors, charities, nonprofits and faith-based organizations.

It’s a place where big-hearted people discover, share, advocate and give anytime, anywhere.

Here, you can discover causes that move you in every area of interest. Explore newsworthy headlines from the “boots on the ground” and follow organizations that are making a difference. Most of all, create relationships that

enable you to get involved and support the work. Even the smallest of acts make a big impact.

This revolution begins with you and ends with a better world.

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