Donor FAQ

Cheerful Giving is an ecosystem that celebrates the spirit of generosity, compassion and stewardship. We connect big-hearted people to important causes and create fun, accessible ways to discover, learn, share, volunteer and donate. Cheerful Giving taps the hero within and creates champions for causes that make the world a better place to live. When we band together, we create an unstoppable movement of good.
Cheerful Giving is both a Web and Mobile platform. On the web, go to To download Cheerful Giving on a mobile device, search for Cheerful Giving on the App Store, Google Play, or and Games. Click on Sign-up to join.
Cheerful Giving aims to be the largest global community for philanthropy. We’re launching first in the United States. Stay tuned for our roll-out in other countries.
Signing-up with Cheerful Giving is completely free. The more people that join, the more good we can do.
All registered users are required to provide an email address and password to log-in. The mobile app also requires a four digit PIN code for quick access and authentication of your donation.
All users must agree to our Terms of Service to activate their Cheerful Giving account. While we hope you will be with us forever, you may terminate your Cheerful Giving account at any time. The more you frequent the platform, the stronger the community and the bigger and more impactful the movement.
At this time, we only accept donations from US Bank Accounts.
You may draw from your savings, checking or credit union account.
Linking your bank account directly with your Donor Profile connects you to our ACH processing system. This system eliminates standard credit card transaction fees, increasing the “dollars per donation” that make it to your cause. This system is secure and more cost- efficient for the charity.
No. Cheerful Giving processes your charitable contributions directly from your bank account.
We love hearing from you. You can reach our Customer Service Team at: Please send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Anomalies are commonplace in new technology. Although we work hard to give you a problem-free experience, you may encounter issues that we haven’t anticipated. If you do experience a problem, please email us with as much detail as possible. Please also include what you like best; we’d love to improve our platform to better meet your needs. You can reach our Technical Support Team at:
Your experience with Cheerful Giving is of utmost importance to us. We have worked hard to create an intuitive app that is easy to use. That said, you’ll likely need to spend some time exploring the platform and familiarizing yourself with its features before it feels ‘easy to use’. Please give us your feedback as you explore. We want to know about your experience.
All donations are processed immediately. Charities indicate how frequently they receive donations, but generally we issue donations twice monthly.
Cheerful Giving maintains some of the lowest processing fees in the nation on donations. We strive to help organizations give more to the cause. Our low processing fees support continued development and maintenance of our technology.
Yes. Cheerful Giving accepts both credit cards and debit debit cards including VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card.
If you make a donation and wake up the next day to learn that you have lost your job or have an exceptional situation whereby your donation would be hardship to you, we can refund your payment up to 60 days after your donation. There is a small processing fee deducted from your amount. Refunds are only made on donations of $25 or more.