Organization FAQ

Cheerful Giving is a state-of-the-art digital platform that brings the ‘spirit of generosity’ to life. In our online ecosystem, we connect big-hearted people to charitable organizations and empower them to discover, share, volunteer and donate to the causes they care about. Dynamic content management tools allow organizations to tell immersive stories and demonstrate the impact of each donation as never before. Low processing fees send more dollars per donation to each cause. Over time, Cheerful Giving becomes more than a place to give; it supports a lifestyle of generosity and civic engagement where users forge deep relationships with solution-oriented organizations and the causes they champion.
Go to and fill out the online application. You will receive a verification link via email that will allow you to initiate the due diligence process
Enrolling with Cheerful Giving is free. There is a small processing fee only on donation transactions.
For Organizations
  • Cheerful Giving is your most effective marketing channel. We aim to be the largest ecosystem of donors, charities, nonprofits and faith based organizations. In time, as you participate in the platform, you’ll reach a large new audience of pre-qualified donors without the typical costs associated with acquisition. Your active participation has opportunity to also yield higher brand awareness which translates into more donations and more frequent donations.
  • We help you capture more money from every donation. Cheerful Giving’s low donation processing fees, increase the amount of money you take-in, leaving more money for the cause.
  • We give you real tools to elevate your brand. With dynamic content management tools, transparent donor information and innovative marketing tools, we empower you to tell stories and forge meaningful connections with supporters. Our tools include a microsite for each cause including seamless integration with social media, headlines, news feed, blog and more.
  • We leverage influencers to connect you with more big-hearted people. We aim to the be the largest ecosystem for philanthropy. Our tenacious strategy connects your organization with philanthropists, volunteers and influencers to increase exposure and support.
  • We are all the mobile and online presence you need without the costs. We do it all for you. There are no design fees, engineering costs, maintenance or worry. We democratize philanthropy giving every charity -- no matter the size -- the opportunity to focus on more compelling communication with donors.
We do not charge a fee to showcase your charity on Cheerful Giving's mobile or web platform. All microsites are free. Donor and transaction activity is transparent and fully exportable.
Cheerful Giving has a 360-degree marketing strategy which leverages traditional and digital advertising, high-profile media relationships, direct marketing, influencer networks and community-led content creation, along with specialized promotions.
We refrain from any advertising on nonprofit profile pages.
Yes, Cheerful Giving takes security seriously. During your enrollment process you’ll setup your login name and password. Those can be modified thereafter from your Account.
You will be asked to provide bank account information during the Organization Enrollment process. From then on, you can manage your account information from your Admin Dashboard at any time.
At this time, we only accept donations from US bank accounts.
We love connecting with our community. You can reach our Customer Service Team at:
Cheerful Giving values pro-active communication. If you experience any issues with our platform, please contact our Technical Support Team at: Please provide detailed descriptions or screenshots of any technical anomaly to help us understand the issue faster.
There are two ways to collect donations through Cheerful Giving:
  • Create an Account on Cheerful Giving
  • Insert a Cheerful Giving donation form link onto your own website to take advantage of our low processing fees. To request a link, please contact our Technical Support Team at:
You may list your organization or causes under as many categories that apply.
These guidelines are contained in IRS Publication 1771, "Charitable Contributions Substantiation & Disclosure". Please seek the advice of a professional tax expert for counsel regarding your organization.
Any edits made during the organization profile creation will automatically be saved. You can preview your edits at any time. When you have completed your profile, click "Publish". Edits to your organizational profile can be made as often as you'd like. Once you edit or add content to your profile, simply click "Publish". You may also "Save" what you have changed to use at a later date, such as seasonal campaigns, special or recurring events.
Yes. You may post videos to your Cheerful Giving Pages.
You may post one photograph per Cause Profile.
You may change your videos and photos as often as you'd like.
Transaction Activity shows the date the donation was made, the donor's name, the cause, the donor's location, the amount given, donation type (Credit Card / Bank Account - ACH) and the transaction ID.
The Donor's History shows the donor's name, donor's email, donor's location as well as the total gifts and total amount.
The Volunteer's History shows request date, volunteer's name, volunteer's email, campaign for which volunteer wishes to participate, exported date and time as well as notes.
Cheerful Giving emails donors a detailed Donation Receipt immediately following a donation. Donors also receive a Year-End Tax Statement itemizing all donations placed through Cheerful Giving, sorted by organization and date. The app provides donors with 24/7 access to their donation history for optimal management of all their charitable gifts. They can also view and print receipts within the app as well. Charities have full access to donation activity through their Administrative Dashboard. Information is fully exportable.
Cheerful Giving requires the IRS Exemption Letter to be submitted by nonprofits as part of our due diligence process. Only those organizations that are IRS-recognized tax-exempt can partner with Cheerful Giving.
Yes, Cheerful Giving uses GuideStar as part of our comprehensive due diligence process. Through GuideStar, Cheerful Giving has access to:
  • 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations
  • Thousands of faith-based nonprofits not required to register with the IRS
  • Millions of Form 990 images
  • Digitized data from millions of Forms 990
  • Data from nonprofits, community foundations, and others